immune defence vitamin c and zinc based supplement

Do you think that your immune system is not strong enough against the infections? 

There might be a number of factors that cause a weak immune system, it might be a bad health status or your nutrition. You need to think what is missing from your end that has made your immune system weak. 

If you looking for a solution to strengthen your immune system against infection and diseases then you have just come to the right place! 

Because I have got a solution for you in the form of “Immune Defence”.  

What is Immune Defence?

Immune Defence is a vegan based health supplement which is made with the sole purpose of strengthening your immune system. Its ingredients are Sugar, Rose Hip Powder, Zinc Gluconate, Acerola Powder, Bulking Agent: (Magnesium Stearate), Oil of Aniseed.  

Its ingredients are enriched with some key nutrients which include, Vitamin A, C, E (from Rose Hip & Acerola) and Zinc and these nutrients are well known for their role in supporting the immune system. 

It is available in the form of lozenges which you have to take 3 or 4 times a day. 

Whether you’re struggling with a cold, having anxiety or mental stress, or just want to keep your immune system alert and ready against infections, Immune Defence helps provide your body with critical immune-boosting nutrients.   

If you eat good and nutritious food then your immune system will be stronger, similarly, a routine exercise and healthy habits keep you fit and stronger inside. 

A strong immune system keeps you safe from any kind of infection, if in case, you get infected then it helps you to defeat the infection quickly. Again, it all depends on how strong your immune system is.

Having a weak immune system puts you at a greater risk of catching the infection and getting sick.


Role of zinc and Vitamin C in strengthening the immune system

Does vitamin c boost the immune system?

Vitamin C is considered as a safest and effective against the common cold, strengthening the immune system, skin problems and other complicated health issues. 

Studies prove that vitamin C has strong antioxidant properties, it protects and powers up the immune system and helps to fight off infections. 

In another study, it is proved that vitamin C is well effective against cold. In this study trial, it was proved that Vitamin C reduces the severity of cold in children and adults. I suggest you visit this research article to read the complete details of this study

Vitamin C deficient peoples may experience an impaired immune response against the infections. Researches have been performed in order to know the role of Vitamin C in strengthening the immune system and it was revealed that Vitamin C contributes to immune defence by supporting various cellular functions of both the innate and adaptive immune system. Read further here. 

Role of Vitamin A in Building Immunity

Vitamin A has a role in performing some key functions inside your body, it includes, strengthening & protection of your immune system hence proving you the defence against multiple infectious diseases, It also improves your vision and keeps your organs healthy.

Researches have proved that having desired levels of Vitamin A in your body helps you to fight better against infectious disease due to strong and quick immune response.  

Role of Vitamin E in the Immune System

Vitamin E has an important role in preventing CHD, lowering the risk of cancers, develops a stronger immune response against certain infections and many more.

In a study, it was proved that Vitamin E enhances the immune response against several infectious diseases. 

Role of Zinc in Immunity

Zinc is an essential nutrient for the human body and it performs some vital roles inside your body. It is not synthesized inside your body so you must obtain it from your diet or supplements. Zinc is naturally found in a wide variety of both plant and animal foods. 

The key functions of Zinc include, 

  • Regulation of the immune system
  • Keeping a check on metabolic reactions inside the body
  • Growth & development
  • Protein synthesis and more.

Researches have shown that zinc caused a 35% reduction in the duration of cold and flu. 

Treatment of the common cold with zinc gluconate lozenges, using adequate doses of elemental zinc, may be effective in reducing duration and severity of cold symptoms. Read further here.

Zinc administered within 24 hours of the onset of symptoms reduces the duration of common cold symptoms in healthy people. Read further about this study here

As we all have heard that elderly people are more prone to infections and getting sick quickly, why is that? The reason behind it is that elderly people are more susceptible to zinc deficiency and they have a weaker immune response towards the infections.

Such Zinc deficiencies in elderly individuals can be overcome by using zinc supplementation. 

Immune Defence against flu viruses

Immune Defence is can be very helpful against the flu viruses and it can provide you with good support against cold, flu and fever.

Experts say that individuals with the weaker immune system are more prone to getting infected from the flu or similar viruses. Individuals such as children, elderly, or those who have some pre-existing diseases are more likely to develop severe clinical signs against viral infections.

Our product Immune Defence can be highly effective in this scenario, as it is made up of immune-boosting ingredients. 

Using Immune Defence supplement will develop strong immunity inside you.

If in case, you get this infection, then your chances of developing severe signs & symptoms will be low, and chances of recovery will be high.

6 key benefits of Immune Defence

  1. Made up of all-natural ingredients, it is a vegan-friendly product. Its pure and natural ingredients include Rosehip, a source of Vitamin C, A and E, and Acerola, a natural source of Vitamins C and A whose uses and benefits have been discussed earlier in detail. 
  2. Effective against the severities of the common viral infections such as cold and flu. 
  3. Reduces the symptoms of cold and Flu and prevents it from becoming a severe disease.
  4. Prevents your immune suppression during stressful times.
  5. Vital immune support for those at risks such as children and elderly peoples.
  6. Easy to take lozenges

Usage directions and nutritional facts:

Suck one lozenge every 2 hours when required. Do not take more than 4 lozenges per day. Each lozenge provides on average 2.5mg of Vitamin C (3.13%*) and 3.5mg of Elemental Zinc (35%*).

Buy with confidence!

Manufacturer of Immune Defence is extremely confident about the results of their product that they have offered 100 days MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
Yes, it is 100 days money-back guarantee, no other company offers 100 days guarantee. Immune Defence is manufactured under FDA approved facilities and claims to be the highest quality product which is made up of premium and pure raw ingredients.

If you are not satisfied with the product or didn’t get the desired results then you can return the unused bottles within the 100 days and get your 100% refund. 

Proceed to the official website of immune defence to purchase under a secure payment gateway or click the button below to proceed.